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Summertime Sangria

Rosé all day is made even more refreshing with this fruity and pink sangria.

Summertime Sangria
Half the pitcher was consumed before it was photographed, but when it was first made it was filled with an inch of the spout.

Sangria is like grownup fruit punch. It goes down so easily thanks to its refreshing fruity flavor. The bonus is the you can nibble on the cut fruit with each glass. Use any mix of fruit you like. It is pretty difficult to mess up sangria. Adding the fruit to the pitcher first, then then the ice, and then the wine is key to success. It allows for the best infusion and flavor. Enjoy this particular recipe in warm weather months, when you are serving lighter fare. It's the perfect drink to accompany my Paella (Arroz con Cosas).

Equipment: cutting board; chef's knife; large pitcher; wet and dry measuring cups; measuring spoon; long wooden spoon


1 orange

half a lemon

¼ apple

6 strawberries, hulled

2-4 cups ice

1 bottle rosé

¼ cup simple syrup or ½ cup fruit juice

2 tablespoons dry sherry or Grand Marnier

fresh mint leaves (optional)

1. Cut the orange crosswise into six ¼-inch slices. Cut each slice into sixths. Cut slices and then pieces of lemon in the same manor. Cut the apple, skin on, in small pieces. Slice the strawberries in quarters.

2. In a large pitcher, add the cut fruit, and then all the ice. Pour in the simple syrup or fruit juice, then the wine, and then the sherry. Add a fistful of optional mint leaves and stir.

3. Serve in wine glasses and enjoy!

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