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Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft


A timeless primer of immediately useful and utterly relevant kitchen guidance, Notes on Cooking serves up what every cook needs to know, without a single recipe. Daniel Boulud calls it "superb." Lidia Bastianich says it is "invaluable." James Peterson finds it "indispensable." Dan Barber believes it will "inspire." Michael Romano declares it "wonderful;" Gael Greene says it is "amazing." For the beginner wanting to improve, the seasoned expert looking to review the highest culinary standards, or the food lover seeking a fascinating glimpse into the pursuit of epicurean excellence, Notes on Cooking provides a unique and invaluable apprenticeship. 



The Competent Cook: Essential Tools, Techniques, and Recipes for the Modern At-Home Cook


The kitchen can be an intimidating place for those who don’t know whether they should blanch, braise, or broil. But not everyone can afford to go out whenever they want to eat well. So how does the hopeful cook learn to create delicious cuisine? The Competent Cook gives the gourmet wannabe plenty of food for thought, including how to: Organize the kitchen to maximize space and accessibility, stock the pantry with essential tools and ingredients, master the ten techniques every home chef should know, whip up classic recipes adapted to different palates and skill levels, and use lingo you’ve always wondered about (what is coulis, anyway?). Starting with the most basic skills and building to advanced techniques, this culinary compendium serves up a complete A-to-Z course that starts out al dente and finishes with some zest!


Eat Your Breakfast Or Else!


This charming and beautifully illustrated hardcover book helps young children understand the importance of both a healthy breakfast and an appetite for imagination. Jared is a little boy who would rather play with his rockets than eat his breakfast. His Grandma warns him that it is important to refuel every morning or he could lose power- even crash! Only after a harrowing journey to Mars does Jared finally understand. Included is a healthy recipe for Grandma’s so-beautiful-you-should-take-a-picture pancakes, including fun variations like Flying Banana Saucer Pancakes.


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