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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Late summer strawberries and shiso leaves team up for a sweet and sexy cocktail.


You say shisorita, I say shisojito, but let's not call the whole thing off. Let's make this! Oh, is this a good summer cocktail. If you have fresh summer strawberries - whether at their peak or on their way out - you can make a strawberry syrup as long as you have sugar, water, and a sauce pan. If you cannot find any shiso (Japanese mint), just use spearmint or could use lemon balm, basil...but then we have to rename the drink!

Equipment: cutting board; paring knife; reamer; jigger; cocktail shaker


3 ounces strawberry syrup*

juice of 1 lime

5 large shiso leaves, torn

3 ounces tequila

ice cubes

2 strawberries and extra shiso leaves for garnish

*to make the strawberry syrup: in a small saucepan, combine 1 cup of cold water with 2 cups of sugar. Bring the mixture to a simmer. Once the sugar has dissolved completely, add one cup of sliced strawberries and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain the syrup and discard the strawberry flesh (or use it cake, ice cream, or yogurt parfait).

1. Muddle the shiso leaves in the lime juice. Add the strawberry syrup, tequila, and ice.

2. Shake the cocktail, strain and pour over ice.

3. Serve in cocktail glasses, garnish with strawberries and shiso leaves and enjoy!

Makes 2 cocktails.

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