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Baked Tortilla Chips

Easier to make than fried chips and definitely healthier!

Baked Tortilla Chips
Use good quality tortillas. The ones in this photo are made from masa, water, and lime. And you can taste it! Use yellow, white, or blue corn tortillas.

This is a good idea for so many reasons: frying things can be smelly...frying is certainly less healthy than baking...frying, while “faster” per batch, requires all eyes/hands on deck and baking allows you do to other things while the chips bake.  I’m telling you the truth and it ultimately will save you time...and in this case calories, as it happens! 

Equipment: cutting board; pastry brush; rimmed sheet pan

Ingredients: 8, 6-inch corn tortillas

vegetable oil sea salt

1. Preheat the oven to 375F.  Brush the sheet pan lightly with oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Set aside.

2. Cut tortillas into eighths to make triangles and place on sheet pan, alternating the curved side and the pointy side to maximize how many fit on the pan.  Brush the tortillas lightly with oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake for 15 minutes or until crispy.

3. Remove the chips from the oven and lace in a bowl. Continue working in batches. Do not grease and salt the pan again—just the tops of the tortillas.

4. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to one week. 

Makes 64 chips.

Greasing and salting the sheet pan just once will ensure that the chips are not too fatty or salty. As you brush the tops of the tortillas and salt them in batches, the pan get just what it needs to get the job done just right..

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